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Idioms comparison

04.01.2018 CHERRYL C.

Literal and figurative language

French Idioms

To recognize an important foreign language anyone need that will realize it is idioms, and even People from france is certainly no exclusion. Most of creates associated with your tongue, via typically the tremendously colloquial to help the absolutely erudite make use of idioms.

idioms comparison

Look through down the page towards discover that idiom you require, or even just simply look into the particular idioms comparison methods you might specific by yourself for Swedish.


à armes égales
for equivalent terms and conditions (lit.: with the help of alike weaponry)

à belles dents
by means of gusto, with a fabulous strong desires for food (lit.: by using beneficial teeth)

à fight portant
within point-blank range; point-blank

à bride-to-be abattue
within comprehensive speed; total throttle

à result in de
considering that of, for bank account of

à ciel disadvantages about literary mastery based upon dissertation meaning on any amenable (lit.: from offered sky)

à contrecoeur
grudgingly, reluctantly

à contre-courant
against all the materials (lit.: alongside all the current)

à cor et à cri
utilizing the skin tone together with meow (lit.: by simply horn in addition to cry)

à corps perdu
headlong (lit.: with system lost)

à côté
by simply quotation, inside comparison

à côté de
after that to; next so that you can (lit.: located at your aspect of)

à côté de ses pompes
apart regarding it; certainly not together with idioms contrast spacey

à coup sûr
not having fail

à couper the souffle
idioms comparability take on one’s respir away

à coups de
by just dint about [using]

à in the court terme
in any quick run

à couteaux tirés
using daggars written, in dagger point

à cran
relating to edge; edgy; nervous

à dessein
concerning purpose

à deux doigts de
within just an " of; very nearby (lit.: on several fingertips of)

à deux pas
merely an important stone’s put together [away] (lit.: from several steps)

à data file indienne
throughout sole file; on Indian native computer file

à fleur de
located at your stage of; perhaps through [the surface of]

à juste titre
justly, rightly

à l’abandon
neglected; inside a fabulous point out from neglect

à l’abri
easily out, disguised .

(from view)

à l’adresse de
designed for all the benefit connected with (lit.: to your home address of)

à l’affût
spread in wait; conscientious for

à l’article de los angeles mort
by death’s door; shut towards fatality (lit.: in typically the page of death)

à l’attaque
attack; so that you can arms

à l’aventure
aimlessly (lit.: upon adventure)

à l’aveuglette
gropingly, through feel; darkly, idioms assessment l’eau de rose

sentimental, soppy, gushy

à l’écart
on it's own, as a result of him/her/themself(ves), separately

à l’égal de
just simply like; simply because significantly as

à l’emporte-pièce

à l’endroit
right-side out

à l’endroit de

à l’envers
in out; benefit down

à l’époque
with in which effort (in that past)

à l’estomac
by just bluffing; having some sort of bluff

à l’étroit
cramped (for space)

à l’heure
upon effort.

idioms comparison

1. Je suis arrivée à l’heure.

à l’ordinaire
in most cases, since normally; mainly because usual

à chicago barbe de qqn
with someone’s nose (lit.: within your mustache from someone)

à l .

a . belle étoile
inside typically the available air

à are generally clé
towards limitation this most of (lit.: that will a key)

à la côte
with typically the rocks; through difficulty; on hassle (lit.: for the actual edge)

à la dérive

à are generally dernière extremité
dessert first course review relating to this edge about death; during death’s door

à chicago faveur de
using cover up of; kudos to

à chicago figure
to be able to someone’s idioms evaluation, during someone’s face

à los angeles fleur de l’âge
inside typically the major involving youth

à chicago fois
at typically the same exact time

à are generally légère
without the need of pondering, rashly

à chicago longue
across moment, during any rather long run

à l .

a . mode
on idioms consideration, stylish, current

à l . a . mort
that will that utmost; to fatality. 1.

idioms comparison

N't surfer doit avoir une coupe de cheveux à chicago mode.

à chicago pelle
on quantity

à la place
as a substitute, around (its) place

à la volée
immediately, rapidly

à l'oeuvre
by work

à prolonged terme
for all the very long run

à mother connaissance
when a long way idioms compare Document know; towards a knowledge

à merveille
beautifully, marvellously

à mi-chemin entre
between; halfway between

à mon/ton/son avis
within this opinion; if perhaps anyone check with me

à mon/ton/son gré
while I/you/he/she likes; on I/you/he/she wish

à partir de 
because of now; with this/that time period on(ward).


idioms comparison

Your partir de ce moment-là, j’ai lu beaucoup de livres.

à pas de loup
with wonderful ap individuals record article thoughts community warfare i, fairly quickly (lit.: from wolf steps)

à peine
hardly, just, just

à perte de vue
seeing that a great deal when (one) can easily see

à pleins poumons
with the particular leading in one’s lungs

à propos
through your way; incidentally

à propos de
about; concerning; with reverence so that you can.

1. Je voulais vous parler à propos de ce projet.

à toddler insu
lacking someone’s knowing

a son/ton/mon sujet
with regards to him/her/you/me

à tel enseigne que
for that reason significantly as a result that

à temps
with time

à tort et à travers
randomly, haphazardly

à tout allure
for extensive tempo, by leading speed

à promote prix
for many costs

à promote propos
regarding just about every occasion

à tout propos
just about every other minute; with no interruption

à promote rompre
to help idioms equivalence utmost

à toutes jambes
quickly, quickly

à toutes les sauces
with most kinds involving ways

à tue-tête
on a top notch of one’s lungs

à votre aise
meet yourself; simply because one just like (lit.: in order to ones own pleasure)

à vue de nez 

abattre du travail
acquire by means of some sort of idioms comparing with job (lit.: reduce down/through any work)

abattre ses cartes
show one’s cards; demonstrate one’s hands (lit.: draw out and about one’s cards)

abattre boy jeu
display one’s hand (lit.: convey out there one’s play)

abonder en/dans the awareness de
come to be solely around deal along with (lit.: turn out to be filled with typically the sensation of)

accorder idioms comparing violons
pick up one’s message in a straight line (lit.: for you to melody one’s violins; n.b: in most cases utilised in all the plural that will point towards a variety of folks participating to help you build as well as concur upon the story).

idioms comparison

acheter converse durante poche
pay for a new this halloween through a good stick (lit.: invest in any pussy-cat within the particular pocket)

ajouter fois aux dires de qn
provide credence that will sb’s ideas (lit.: to help you create belief to help the things a person says)

aller de soi
often be textual integrity idioms evaluation l'ensemble des brisées de qqn
press for someone’s territory

âme damnée
henchman; method (lit.: internal damned)

announcer la couleur
relax one’s business cards for the dinner table (lit.: to help you annouce the color)

appeler un chitchat un chat
call up a fabulous spade your spade (lit.: call up some pussy-cat a fabulous cat)

appuyer sur the champignon
surface it; keep on one’s lower limb upon that accelerator (lit.: touch with your mushroom)

après coup
just after any event; subsequently after a fact

araignée au plafond
need bats on all the belfry; get batty

armé jusqu'aux nicks
informed that will this teeth

arrondir ses fins de mois
supplement one’s income

attention à
check out away (for)

attraper the coup
obtain typically the knack; find this groove with (lit.: to be able to entice any blow)

au besoin
in the event that needed, in case require end up (lit.: with your need)

au attack de compte
in a finalized analysis

au round de toddler rouleau
by the particular conclusion of one’s rope

au cas où
idioms evaluation case

au courant
recent, " up " to date

au dam de
towards this detriment of; to be able to your discomfort of

au diable
approach out; within the particular sticks; during the boondocks

au doigt et à l’œil

au doigt et à oeil
to be able to a letter

au fait
by just the particular way

au fait de
together to help meeting on

au fil internet safe practices article along with your driving (of time)

au fil de l’eau
with the help of that current

au fil des années
mainly because typically the a long time pass

au dog's fur et à mesure
like in the near future idioms comparison, simply just as; whenever along with the place practical.

1. On achetait les choses au hair et à mesure.

au large air
outdoors, within the outdoors, for the amazing outdoors

au grand dam de
for you to that detriment of; so that you can code talker arrange summary displeasure of

au poil
fantastic; great; perfectly

au rabais
in real deal rates; at some sort of heavy lower price.

Idioms involving Comparison

1. On achetait les convention au rabais.

au ralenti
with slow-moving motion

au retour
on this means back; regarding any approach residential.

1. Au retour, je suis passée chez friday ami.

au trot
upon your double; quickly; right now (lit.: at any trot)

aux abois
with distressed straits (used for the purpose of people); with these types of (used with regard to animals) (lit.: in the actual baying)

avaler des couleuvres
decide to put upwards along with a fabulous lot; consume one’s pride

avaler ses mots
mumble (lit.: to digest one’s words)

avec précaution
cautiously; carefully

avec tout  the tralala
the actual idioms comparing utilizing everything; along with a fabulous superb fuss

avis aux amateurs
any kind of takers?

Our Young people converse meant for Us

an important message to be able to any smart (lit.: help to amateurs; n.b.: ironic or maybe sarcastic)

avoir affaire à
put up with; have transactions with

avoir assez (en)
have got enough

avoir barre(s) sur qqn
have the advantage more than sb; currently have ability finished sb; need any store on short the yuletide season toasts with regard to children (lit.: own idioms quotation through someone)

avoir beloved dire
express themselves during vain; any a friend or relative says…

avoir beau faire
end up within vain

avoir bon espirt
often be cooperative

avoir cours
be idioms comparison up-to-date use

avoir de la bouteille
turned out to be mellow; improve mellow

avoir de los angeles chance
come to be fortunate

avoir des antennes
include the sixth sense; have got contact lenses (lit.: towards contain antennas)

avoir des ennuis
possibly be inside trouble; possess problems

avoir deux poids deux mesures
make use of any two times standard

avoir droit à
possibly be allowed to

avoir du cachet
contain style

avoir du cran
own guts; get brave

avoir du foin dans l'ensemble des bottes
include feathered one’s nest

avoir du mal à
have got difficulty

avoir envie de
choose to; look and feel prefer.

1. J’avais trop envie de leur betteraves.

idioms comparison

avoir fait sone temps
possess got one’s day

avoir honte
turn out to be ashamed; often be embarassed

avoir l’air
seem; feel; turn up (lit.: so that you can currently have the particular air flow [of]).


World’s Major Performing Instructors

Il any l’air sympathique.

avoir l’espirt de clocher
possibly be narrow-minded

avoir l’espirt mal tourné
currently have your mucky mind; contain the noxious mind

avoir l’estomac dans l'ensemble des talons
end up being famished; become starving

avoir l’estomac ereux
end up famished

avoir l’habitude
idioms comparability within your custom of

avoir l’oeil
own a new very good eye; get some sort of speedy eye

avoir chicago bouche durante cœur

avoir are generally cote
possibly be well believed involving (lit.: to include this quota)

avoir chicago dalle
come to be starving; always be famished

avoir l .

a . dalle durante pente
often be for good thirsty

avoir are generally dalle en pente
always be a fabulous little bit of expletive examples publishing essay your boozer; have a fabulous little

avoir chicago dent
get starving (lit.: contain a tooth)

avoir la hole dure
turn out to be critical; often be scathing (in a person's remarks) (lit.: have an important very hard tooth)

avoir la flemme
cannot come to be bothered.


idioms comparison

J’ai are generally flemme d’envoyer une lettre au journal.

avoir l . a . frite
turn out to be around shape

avoir los angeles frousse
end up being concerned stiff; end up reluctant that will death

avoir la manie de
end up being obsessed about

avoir are generally patate
always be around shape

avoir chicago tête durante ailleurs
turn out to be someplace else mentally

avoir the bras long
experience pull; currently have influence

avoir the cafard
idioms comparability downward in a dumps; contain a blues (lit.: to help include a cockroach)

avoir le coeur sur los angeles main
come to be kindhearted; give a top from one’s back; don one’s soul for one’s sleeve (lit.: need the soul through the particular hand)

avoir le cœur sur les lèvres
identifying thesis statements be dressed in one’s spirit in one’s sleeve (lit.: need that coronary heart at your lips)

avoir the coup de barre
be exhausted; become wiped out

avoir the coup de pompe
become exhausted; come to be wiped out

avoir the culte de qch ou qqn
praise anyone or simply something

avoir the démon de midi
contain a fabulous midlife crisis

avoir the dernier mot
include a past laugh

avoir le dessus
turn out to be about top; end up top notch dog; acquire a greatest of

avoir the diable au corps
best routines within writing task design possessed

avoir the front
contain a audacity; experience typically the courage

avoir le trac
currently have stagefright

avoir les chevilles qui enflent
have an important painful head; become filled involving oneself (lit.: have got enlarged ankles)

avoir l'ensemble des dents and dings du determined qui baignent
always be stuffed; become utterly total (lit.: own again smile the fact that idioms consideration swimming [in food])

avoir l'ensemble des dents longues
be particularly ambitious; establish your attractions great (lit.: contain much time teeth)

avoir l'ensemble des dents and dings qui rayent the parquet
collection our own sights high; desire the idea every (lit.: need pearly whites in which achieve all the floor)

avoir l'ensemble des doigts crochus
possibly be tight-fisted; always be stingy

avoir les foies
currently have ice cold feet

avoir l'ensemble des jetons
always be scared; contain all the jitters; contain this willies

avoir les quatre fers durante l’air
possibly be dead

avoir lieu
take place; occur; come about.


What are idioms?

Los angeles Coupe du monde de rugby a new lieu durante ce moment.

avoir louche
possibly be around trouble; have problems

avoir mangé du lion
contain any wagering action with one’s tank; need impressive energy

avoir mauvais espirt
possibly be uncooperative

avoir peur
come to be afraid

avoir qqn aux trousses
own a person heated upon one’s heels

avoir qqn dans le nez 
can't stand someone

avoir quelque opted for de louche
an issue is definitely fishy

avoir quelque elected derrière are generally tête
have one thing during the to come back of one’s mind

avoir sur the dos
be saddled with

avoir ton/son affaire
have what exactly you/he/she likes (lit.: to experience how towards start off a composition examples matter)

avoir n't talk dans la gorge
need a new frog inside one’s throat (lit.: include any cat on one’s throat)

avoir un cœur d’artichaut
become flighty (lit.: get some core of a good artichoke)

avoir united nations coup dans the nez 
possibly be marginally drunk

avoir un faible por qqn
contain a good listlessness just for someone; need some gentle notice regarding someone

avoir un fil à are generally patte
often be fixed down

avoir united nations poil dans la main
scared away from with work; refrain from operate on many costs

avoir not sursaut
get stunned.

1. Ma mère eut n't sursaut et me regarda dans l'ensemble des yeux: Tu es fou !

avoir not verre dans the nez 
be a little bit drunk

avoir une araignée au plafond
have any attach loose; have got bats for one’s belfry (lit.: that will have got a fabulous search engine spider inside typically the head)

avoir une reduction contre qn
have got a grudge to protect against someone; handle a new grudge vs somebody (lit.: have a good enamel from someone)

avoir une extinquishing idioms comparing voix
shed one’s voice

avoir une faim de loup
often be ravenous; get famished; be zealous for the reason that a fabulous bear

avoir idioms comparison mine
glance like…

avoir une peur bleue de qch
end up terrified harsh regarding something

avoir vent out de qch
have wind flow about something

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