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 Battle Road Trail  – Minute Man National Historical Park (Lexington, Lincoln, Concord). Stone-dust trail providing cycling and walking access to the national park's historical and natural resource areas. See  /mima/ .

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There is a reference to the short story The Cask of Montresor's Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe during this quest. After entering the locked room with General McGann's body inside, the player character can find Amontillado wine next to the corpse as well as a broken wall with a skeleton shackled inside across from the body. In the short story, a man hates another for insulting him. As revenge for the slight, the murderer lures his victim down into a cellar by promising him a drink of Amontillado wine, and buries him alive inside a wall in this same fashion. This short story was actually based on an urban legend about Fort Independence, wherein an officer is buried alive by the soldiers for killing a favored officer in a duel.

By the time the Sole Survivor arrives to help Preston, he is leading the last pocket of people under the protection of the Minutemen. His group numbers only five - a mere fraction of the original twenty who escaped Quincy under his guidance.

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The Massachusetts Provincial Congress recommended to the militia to form themselves into companies of minute-men, who should be equipped and prepared to march at the shortest notice. These minute-men were to comprise one-quarter of the whole militia, to be enlisted under the direction of the field-officers, and divide into companies, consisting of at least 50 men each. The privates were to choose their captains and subalterns, and these officers were to form the companies into battalions, and chose the field-officers to command the same. Hence the minute-men became a body distinct from the rest of the militia, and, by being more devoted to military exercises, they acquired skill in the use of arms. More attention than formerly was likewise bestowed on the training and drilling of militia. [3] }}

Since opening our stadium, we have used Minute Men Staffing for clean-up and snow removal. They provide us with clean-up crews before, during and after each event. They supervise and maintain order and direction for workers, check in and check out all personnel, provide uniforms when applicable, and transport workers to and from the stadium. They have a quick response time bringing additional crew members when needed for clean-up and snow removal. It has been my experience that Minute Men Staffing provides quality personnel and valuable consultation on stadium clean-up issues. I personally wish to extend a recommendation on their behalf. –Bill, Director of Housekeeping, National Football League stadium

Minutemen  Just A Minute MenMinutemen  Just A Minute MenMinutemen  Just A Minute MenMinutemen  Just A Minute Men


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