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The relative differences in the abundances of tin's stable isotopes can be explained by their different modes of formation in stellar nucleosynthesis . 116 Sn through 120 Sn inclusive are formed in the s-process (slow neutron capture) in most stars and hence they are the most common isotopes, while 122 Sn and 124 Sn are only formed in the r-process (rapid neutron capture) in supernovae and are less common. (The isotopes 117 Sn through 120 Sn also receive contributions from the r-process.) Finally, the rarest proton-rich isotopes, 112 Sn, 114 Sn, and 115 Sn, cannot be made in significant amounts in the s- or r-processes and are considered among the p-nuclei , whose origins are not well understood yet. Some speculated mechanisms for their formation include proton capture as well as photodisintegration , although 115 Sn might also be partially produced in the s-process, both directly, and as the daughter of long-lived 115 In . [17]

Heather Hartley is Paris editor at Tin House and the author of  Knock Knock and  Adult Swim
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Pure tin has long been used in food packaging applications and as a cosmetic overlay. Recently, pure tin has been introduced as a non-toxic replacement for lead-containing solders. The maximum service temperature of pure tin solders is higher because of the higher melting temperature of tin (450°F / 232°C).

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The tin materials offer many benefits in comparison to plastics and other materials. Our Tin Panels are made with the same tin material used over a hundred years ago. In most cases tin panels outlast the hundred year old buildings that they are in. They are more durable over longer periods of time.

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