Mckinley mitchell the town i live in no love like your love - All-Time McKinley Football Captains List (1894-2017.

The first Gladiolus Festival dates all the way back to 1938, and in 1939 the association was formed which is still in existence today. Over seventy years later, the Glad Fest stands strong and doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. It is with a feeling of pride that our community has been able to sustain and improve “The Gladiolus Festival” each year.

Past Presidents:

1938-1939- Russel France
1940-1944- William W. Therien
1945- Edgar Inslee
1946-1948- Arnold Sherwood
1949-1950- Earl J. Reising
1951-1952- Clarence Crawford
1953-1954- Harry Heninger
1955-1956- Lester DuMontelle Sr.
1957-1959- Robert Therien
1960-1962- Clarence Baecheler
1963-1964- Robert Brouillette
1965-1998- Mrs. W. J. Parish
1999- Anita Allison
2000-2012- Andrea Schopf
2013 – current – Lorri Simpson

Past Queens:

1938- Bessie Harris-Reevas
1939- Ruth Sharkey-Parish
1940- Annabelle Blankenstyn-Schenk,
Evelyn Schaafsma-Hoekstra,
Elenor DuFrain-Bishop
1941- Ruby Graves-Mitchell
Mildred Tallman-Schaafsma
1946- June Deyoung-DeValk
1947- Mildred Forburger-Spieth
1948- Dorothy DeYoung-DeValk
1949- Joan Peterson-Anstrom
1950- Kathleen Schaafsma-Fruendt
1951- Donna Fieleke-Romein
1952- Nelda DeMik-Schrader
1953- Rita Bregenzer-Orth
1954- Yvonne Sirois-Miller
1955- Mary Lou Denton-Halpin
1956- Shirley Zeelenga-VanDeCarr
1957- Marilyn Thurman-Hart
1958- Judy Wyant-Henderson
1959- Sandra Pope-Hoekstra
1960- Penny Ruge-Woulfe
1961- Nancy Therien-Kiger
1962- Bonita Behrends-Heldt
1963- Judy Schaafsma-Oosterhoff
1964- Carol Combs-Anderson
1965- Mary Ann Strassenburg Ford
1966- Candace Turrell-Dorn
1967- Cynthia De Young-Schimmel
1968- Cathy Tallman-DePatis
1969- Teri Herrington-Simpson
1970- Patricia Zahradnik-Howell
1971- Debbie Carpenter-Smith
1972- Catherine Buck-Anstrom
1973- Marcia Hiser-Vallaincourt
1974- Cyndi Knowles-Denny
1975- Johna Clark-Cruz
1976- Cindi Sharkey-DePatis
1977- Joy Prairie-Rivard-Raef
1978- Patty Sanders-Powers
1979- Stephanie Iten-Walsh
1980- Cindy Heusing
1981- Jane Piekarczyk-Steinke
1982- Sandy Newberry-Rehmer
1983- Jackie Metz-Bales
1984- Julie Marcotte-Rauch
1985- Anita Lincoln-Allison
1986- Christy Schuler-Taggart
1987- Julie Ferdinand-Bingham
1988- Tricia Lampley-Piekarczyk
1989- Rebekah Raymond
1990- Kelly Kelson-Laney
1991- Dianne Krone-McQuire
1992- Rachel Mueller
Becky Elliot-Lee
1993- Donielle Campbell
1994- April Sellers-Fulford
1995- Rebecca Cotter-Panos
1996- Nova Wleklinski-Metz
1997- Kelly Denny-Handley
1998- Stephanie Snapp
1999- Sarah Henschel
2000- Erica David-Schramm
2001- Katie Nelson-Clayton
2002- Dawn Mitchell
2003- Renee Rehmer
2004- Alicia Porter
2005- Pegan Wolford
2006- Ashlee Line
2007- Alyssa Blanchette
2008 – Katherine Newberry
2009- Spencer Simpson
2010- Ronni Vreeman
2011- Joleigh Ritter
2012- Taylor Bruckman
2013- Miranda Dutour
2014- Holly Mansberger

Past Princesses:

1949-Sandra Wille-Price
1950- Joy Schimmel-Lamp
1951- Marilyn Hoekstra-Hopper
1952- JoAnne Kinney-Schaafsma
1953- Judy Kay Schaafsma-Oosterhoff
1954- Barbara Joe Yott-Cantwell
1955- Arlene K. Schaafsma-Mellema
1956- Mary Lynn Benoit-Halperin
1957- Shari Boomsma-Traff
1958- Joyce Wilkenig-Bonnett
1959- Cathy Tallman-Depatis
1960- Paula Fawver-Boswell
1961- Sue Miedema-Smith
1962- Janyce Hibbs-Rose
1963- Vicki Hoekstra-Lambesis
1964- Catherine Buck-Anstrom
1965- Debbie Sikma-Brugger
1966- Jodi Hibbs-Jaramillo
1967- Karla De Young-Kennedy
1968- Becky Thompson-Przylucki
1969- Paula Ann Hoekstra-Baranowski
1970- Jackie Sue Tedford-Bruhn
1971- Denise Hoekstra-Tully
1972- Donna Lambert-Johnson
1973- Pamela Ware-Conway
1974- Dawn VanSwol-Waldron
1975- Michele LaMotte
1976- Julie Marcotte-Rauch
1977- Claudia Tallman-Lagacy
1978- Joy Metz-McKinley
1979- Kristine Lunt
1980- Jennifer Blanke-Decker
1981- Stephanie Degitz-Boone
1982- Melissa Laue-Yanzy
1983- Amy Fasig
1984- Tiffany Glade-Holohan
1985- Misty Fasig
1986- Janet Pansa-Austiff
1987- Rebecca Cotter-Panos
1988- Nikki Lampley
1989- Maggie Smith
1990- Kelly Denny-Handley
1991- Amy Young
1992- Desira Braswell-Franke
1993- Emily Johnston-Parks
1994- Stephanie Dau-Cook
1995- Holly VanDerVliet
1996- Erica Gereg-Zelhart
1997- Stephanie Mattocks-McCall
1998- Carolyn Newberry
1999- Alyssa Marcotte
2000- Abby Doud
2001- Emilee Mitchell
2002- Spencer Simpson
2003- Jacquelyn Schopf
2004- Lauren Newberry
2005-Nicole Bukowski
2006-Zoe Lee
2007- Kaitlyn Puddicombe
2008- Sydney Reams
2009- Kelsie Puddicombe
2010- Kyla Spears
2011- Carissa Chouinard
2012- Ellie Berns
2013- Savannah Anderson
2014 – Hailey Rivard

Hay was not a supporter of Lincoln for president until after his nomination in 1860. Hay then made speeches and wrote newspaper articles boosting Lincoln's candidacy. When Nicolay, who had been made Lincoln's private secretary for the campaign, found he needed help with the huge amounts of correspondence, Hay worked full-time for Lincoln for six months. [13]

In 1896, a gold prospector named it McKinley as political support for then-presidential candidate William McKinley , who became president the following year. The United States formally recognized the name Mount McKinley after President Wilson signed the Mount McKinley National Park Act of February 26, 1917. [26] In 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson declared the north and south peaks of the mountain the "Churchill Peaks", in honor of British statesman Winston Churchill . [27] The Alaska Board of Geographic Names changed the name of the mountain to Denali in 1975, which was how it is called locally. [7] [28] However, a request in 1975 from the Alaska state legislature to the United States Board on Geographic Names to do the same at the federal level was blocked by Ohio congressman Ralph Regula , whose district included McKinley's hometown of Canton . [29]

The 2013 International Straight plow truck was being driven by Dawnelle C. Berghult, 43, of McKinley. She was not injured and was wearing a seatbelt at the time of impact.

Between August 7 and December 8, Media Matters tracked all weekday guest appearances on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. Administration officials, Trump’s family, and Trump’s personal lawyer appeared on Fox News five times more often than on CNN and MSNBC combined.

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Gain – the elevation gain in feet. note that “10” is really “< 10"
Hike – the round-trip distance in miles. note that “” is really “< "

McKinley Mitchell The Town I Live In No Love Like Your LoveMcKinley Mitchell The Town I Live In No Love Like Your LoveMcKinley Mitchell The Town I Live In No Love Like Your LoveMcKinley Mitchell The Town I Live In No Love Like Your Love

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