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Aside from "Fortune Faded" and "Save the Population", the names of the other fourteen songs are either unknown or unconfirmed except for "Bicycle Song" and "Runaway", which were included as a bonus tracks on the iTunes release of By the Way . There are rumors that the songs "Leverage of Space" and "Rolling Sly Stone", which were included in Live in Hyde Park , were recorded at this time. Cover versions of " Black Cross " and " Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) " were also featured on the Hyde Park album and rumored to have possible studio versions from the sessions as well. [ citation needed ] Also, the song "Mini-Epic (Kill For Your Country)", which was performed on the 2004 tour and was supposed to be on an anti-war album produced by Rick Rubin (a project that never came to fruition), is believed to have been recorded at this time. [ citation needed ] One other song name, which Flea stated backstage at a performance for his Silverlake Conservatory of Music, is "Desiree". " Hump de Bump " was also worked on for the first time during these sessions, as a jam named "40 Detectives". Allegedly, he recorded this on his phone and it was later recorded formally for Stadium Arcadium . [ citation needed ] . It is also possible that songs such as the Californication era outtake, "Bunker Hill", which the band performed live back prior to that album's release, and b-side, "Eskimo" were remixed and overdubbed during these sessions. Fans also believe that an early version of " Desecration Smile " could have been recorded during the sessions considering it was performed at the 2004 Bridge School Benefit concert. This version featured a completely different chorus than the released version did two years later on 2006's Stadium Arcadium . [6]

Every Red Hot Chili Peppers song is filled with an unmatchable funky energy, and the band's videos tend to match the intensity and weirdness of their personas and live shows. From painting their bodies silver and dancing around the desert to getting kidnapped by cab drivers, the band has never been afraid to step outside of boundaries and do something completely new in their visuals. We asked our readers to vote for the 10 best Red Hot Chili Peppers videos. Here are the results. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers Jungle ManRed Hot Chili Peppers Jungle ManRed Hot Chili Peppers Jungle ManRed Hot Chili Peppers Jungle Man

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