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Giffords Circus has worked with photographer Gem Hall, creating much of the photography you see in this year's posters, programmes and flyers. Alongside this she began a personal, reportage style project photographing behind the scenes of the circus performers. A limited edition range of these beautiful images are available to buy now here .

Welcome to the San Diego Circus Center, where you can experience world class circus training in San Diego. Through our classes and performances, students can go on a journey that will let them experience the magic of the circus. We train and develop our students in a safe, professional environment, allowing them to reach their full potential and gain the confidence and skills of 
a professional performer.

Anna Bates died on August 5, 1888. Martin ordered a statue of her from Europe for her grave, sold the oversized house, and moved into the town. In 1897 he remarried, this time to a woman of normal stature, Annette LaVonne Weatherby [2] and lived a mostly peaceful and uneventful life until his death in 1919 of nephritis . [3] [4]

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Martin wrote, co-wrote, and co-produced 7 out of the 12 songs on the Backstreet Boys' third album Millennium (1999), including all the singles. " I Want It That Way ," a hit song Martin co-wrote with Andreas Carlsson and co-produced with Kristian Lundin, became the group's biggest single to date and it is still popular today. ("I Want It That Way" was voted No. 10 in the MTV / Rolling Stone list of the "100 Greatest Pop Songs." [11] ) A VH1 special, 100 Greatest Songs of the '90s, ranked the song at number 1, making it the highest ranked boy-band single and pop song. Millennium sold over million units in its first week in the United States, setting a record for most albums sold in its debut week (that record was later beaten by NSYNC's 2000 album No Strings Attached ), and was the best-selling album in the world. When working on her own solo album, to be released in 2001 on Stockholm Records , Lisa Miskovsky wrote the lyrics for the Backstreet Boys' new hit single " Shape of My Heart " with Max Martin and Rami. The song, originally written for Miskovsky's own album, was passed along to the Backstreet Boys by Max Martin when Miskovsky determined it did not fit her style. The song became the first single off the group's third album Black & Blue (2000). In the first week of release, " Shape of My Heart " immediately jumped into the Top Five in Sweden, Norway, Canada, Germany and another 15 countries. Black & Blue, containing several songs produced and written by Martin, sold million units in its first week in America. Martin again received ASCAP 's award "Songwriter of the Year" both in 2000 and 2001. [12] In April 2013 the Backstreet Boys member Brian Littrell call Martin for their single " In A World Like This ," the single peaked at in the Oricon chart and performed well in the rest of the world. Martin collaborated on the Never Gone songs "Climbing the Walls," " Just Want You to Know ," "Siberia," and the melancholy love song " I Still... ," a trademark song for the Backstreet Boys. Martin wanted the album to be more of a contemporary, alternative pop album with a little R&B. The resulting album had a more organic music style with more live instruments, and was a departure from the Backstreet Boys' earlier work.

C’est ce Martin Circus là qu’il faut retenir, celui des deux premiers albums qui ont été, avec Ange, Zoo et triangle notamment, les vraies valeurs du patrimoine rock français des années fin 60, début 70. Pour l’avoir vécu, c’était vraiment une époque dorée (RAZOR © ).

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