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West Coast Killaz is guitar master Harvey “The Snake” Mandel’s second production collaboration with his son, vocalist Eric Mandel. Their first, “Lick This” was a modern contemporary techno recording which offered body-moving instrumentals and hip-hoppin’ trance vocals whereas West Coast Killaz is a rap/hip-hop record blended with Harvey’s cool, quirky, overdriven guitar jams. The CD features songs about crack dealers, dope and drive-by shootings (“3rd Street Killaz”), running from the police (“You’re Busted”), hoes, 5-0s, and drug dealers (“Street Soldierz”), and homeboyz down on their luck (“Gimmie A Hit!”) — and contains the ubiquitous profanity one would associate with a rap release (the CD carries a Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics sticker). Rap/Rock, total running time, 43:34

On July 19, 2004, Black & Decker Corp. announced that it would purchase Pentair's power tools group, including the Porter-Cable, Delta, DeVilbiss Air Power, Oldham Saw, and FLEX brands. B&D already owned the DeWalt brand.

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A remastering of the album was released in 2013. Neil Kelly of PopMatters wrote, "Music collectors of all ages who appreciate timeless music of all varieties more than likely have a copy of Born Under a Bad Sign in their collection. The inclusion of bonus material worthy of release further compels the re-purchase, if previously owned. In other words, it’s a must-have for all serious music appreciators, pop-culture historians, and British Invasion fans who never followed the genealogical roots of their rock heroes (and those that did, too)." [14]

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King's first album for the Stax label combines his hard, unflashy guitar playing with the sleek sound of the label's house band, Booker T. and the MG's. Hits such as "Crosscut Saw" and "Laundromat Blues" earned King a new rock & roll audience.

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Am Strut Solo 1 is the first installment in a four part series on blues soloing. Each solo will build upon the previous one and add new techniques and theory concepts. For this first solo, we will use the Am pentatonic scale in the open position, the A natural minor scale, and some outside notes. We’ll use hammer-ons, slides, and our right hand to create a more expressive solo. Specifically, we’ll use the thumb instead of a pick to play the strings and add a plucky and funky vibe.  Peter Vogl  will walk you through the theory choices and how to play the solo in detail. We’ll practice the whole solo at a reduced speed with a metronome before advancing to playing along with the track. When you’re ready, move on to  Solo 2 .

Albert King Crosscut SawAlbert King Crosscut SawAlbert King Crosscut SawAlbert King Crosscut Saw

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