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In 2012, they created their own recording studio called "Studio KML", in an ancient school in Rome as a meeting point between all the musicians of their Foundation and the KML Recordings label. Their first recording in this place was the "Minimalist Dream House". [19]

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Some synesthetes report experiencing sensory overload, becoming exhausted from so much stimulation. But usually the condition is not a problem--indeed, most synesthetes treasure what they consider a bonus sense.

In the autumn of 1927, Messiaen joined Dupré's organ course. Dupré later wrote that Messiaen, having never seen an organ console, sat quietly for an hour while Dupré explained and demonstrated the instrument, and then came back a week later to play Johann Sebastian Bach 's Fantasia in C minor to an impressive standard. [20] From 1929, Messiaen regularly deputised at the Église de la Sainte-Trinité, Paris, for the organist Charles Quef , who was ill at the time. The post became vacant in 1931 when Quef died, and Dupré, Charles Tournemire and Widor among others supported Messiaen's candidacy. His formal application included a letter of recommendation from Widor. The appointment was confirmed in 1931, [21] and he remained the organist at the church for more than sixty years. [22] He also assumed a post at the Schola Cantorum de Paris in the early 1930s. [23] In 1932, he composed the Apparition de l'église éternelle for organ.

Olivier Messiaen Visions De LAmenOlivier Messiaen Visions De LAmenOlivier Messiaen Visions De LAmenOlivier Messiaen Visions De LAmen


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