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But once we were confronted with this idea of the LADR and Nora getting inside the LADR, it forced us to sort of revisit that idea and we kind of riffed out the broad mechanics of what Carrie ended up saying in the finale, which were ‘Here’s what that place would look like’ and she would have to go on an almost Odyssean journey in order to get back to her family again, but what experience have they been having for the past seven or eight years, however long it takes Nora in that other space to find them. Have they gotten to a place where they’re OK? What if Nora basically saw them OK? Would she want to come in and disrupt that or would she basically realize that she didn’t belong there, that whatever universal construct had basically separated us in the first place, maybe she basically gave herself over to that and just seeing them was enough to realize that she should come back to the world that she had been sorted into. That felt like it was a really interesting idea too. So we had that story before we even started writing the third season at all, certainly breaking the premiere episode, and we knew that we were going towards it. We wondered who she should be telling that story to, and we knew it was gonna be an older version of Nora because this journey would take a very long time and she was in some degree of self-imposed exile. We liked this idea that Nora was in the Guilty Remnant—although the Guilty Remnant no longer existed, she was behaving like the GR, she wasn’t talking much, she was smoking cigarettes, she was in some state of sort of existential despair and separation. If the pilot basically showed Kevin showing up at the Guilty Remnant house and trying to get Laurie to rejoin humanity and failing, maybe we would repeat that idea in the series finale with Nora but he would be successful. They would reboot and restart each other’s universe.

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When she disrobes, entering a glass vessel that fills up with radioactive liquid, it comes almost as a revelation, a jarring example of the great lengths people will go to end unendurable suffering. Nora says goodbye to her brother Matt, mad-libs her desired obituary, and reminds him that he once called her “the bravest girl in the world”. There’s desperation, love and grief written all over her face, befitting of a show that’s always been less interested in probing the reasons for the Departure than it is the coping mechanisms – cigarettes, faith, science or suicide – of those left behind.

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 · We took a week off from the main action of HBO's The Leftovers ... Why Does The Guilty Remnant Smoke So Much? Theories ... How can smoking cigarettes ...

Leftovers Cigarettes AlcoholLeftovers Cigarettes AlcoholLeftovers Cigarettes AlcoholLeftovers Cigarettes Alcohol


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