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Urrgh… (edit) “They may have been from Brisbane and slightly of off the radar until 76, but the Saints were playing punk rock in the same vein as the Pistols or the Ramones AS EARLY AS 1972 – which means they were WAY ahead of the curve.

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As recently as 2006, Dart has begun identifying himself by the name 26 (dropping his entire given name of Doc Corbin Dart) and renounces swear words, such as his former group's moniker. [1]

Yet another 80’s UK Compilation.. with the exception of Channel 3 of course. Side A: 01 - Blitz - Someone's Gonna Die 02 - The Partisans - Police Story

1. THE CURE – happy birthday
2. THE ADVERTS – bored teenagers
3. MÜHLHEIM ASOZIAL – der Skandinave
4. BIRTHDAY PARTY – happy birthday
5. TRICK 17 – wenn die Russen kommen
6. REAGAN YOUTH – degenerated
7. ASTA KASK – lägg av!
8. THE PARTISANS – 17 years of hell
9. EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS – feeling left out
10. METAL BOYS – colt 45
11. THE ADOLECENTS – amoeba
12. STALAG 17 – bologna reprime
13. CONFLICT – the serenade is dead
15. YOUTH OF TODAY – breakdown the wall
16. DAF – verschwende deine Jugend
17. THE CURE – 17 seconds

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Crucifucks The CrucifucksCrucifucks The CrucifucksCrucifucks The CrucifucksCrucifucks The Crucifucks

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