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The singer speaks French to the Montreal audience, who respond in kind, adding their collective voice to the chorus. “The Red And The Black” (not the ‘70s Blue Oyster Cult gem) is an extended guitar jam, with plenty of “whoa whoa” augmentation from the Japanese crowd. At 13:17 it's the live album's lengthiest option and actually a few seconds shorter than its studio counterpart. “The Trooper” and “Powerslave”, back-to-back, closes the initial disc in fine form, although all the visual imagery of the concert (changing backdrops, digital animation, Eddie, etc) are lost. The trio of material that begins the second disc (“The Great Unknown” and “The Book Of Souls”, in particular, alongside “Fear Of The Dark”) really drags. Opening with the second “Scream for me...” heard throughout, their lively signature track corrects things, but only after 25 minutes has elapsed. The Argentine crowd singing the guitar harmonies, as well as the entirety of the lyrics! Wacken crowd sounds surprised to hear the booming voiceover to introduce “The Number Of The Beast”, but the huge throng quickly throws their vocal weight behind it. Not before another “Scream for me...”, “Wasted Years” sends everyone home, if not (completely) happy) at least on a high note.

With a slew of live albums/videos to their credit, Iron Maiden return in 2017 with their latest,  The Book of Souls: Live Chapter. Recorded throughout their 2016–2017 The Book of Souls World Tour, the latest addition to Iron Maiden’s library is set for release on Friday, November 17, 2017 through BMG. Always very keen on packaging their music in an aesthetically pleasing faction, with so many options of distributing media these days, how does one choose? Well, sometimes just one option is not enough and that is certainly the case with  The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter,  which will be available for streaming, digital download, and physically as standard two CD set, Limited Edition Deluxe two CD hardbound book, and as 180g three LP Black Vinyl Triple Gatefold. 

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