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Yes, our three science heroes have figured out that while we sleep our “protein batteries” get recharged and during the day our “protein batteries” get depleted. It all seems to work in rhythmic patterns timed by the rotation of planet earth. That’s the molecular-biologists’ confirmation of what the data shows, analyzing millions of night of sleep with the Sleeptracker deep learning solution among other things.

“The artist never entirely knows — We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark” ~Agnes de Mille

The most common Indo-Iranian word for dragon, Indian ahi , Avestan aži , originally meant only “snake,” a meaning which Avestan aži still has beside “dragon.” These two words are etymologically related to words in other Indo-European languages such as Latin anguis (hence anguilla , related to Germanic “eel;” see further Mayrhofer, Etymological Dictionary I, p. 68, and III, p. 638). In later Iranian the word aži has mostly been replaced, partly for reasons of linguistic taboo, partly probably for phonetic reasons. Thus only Yidgha and Munji still have (y)īž < aži ; Middle and New Persian have mār , which may derive from * marθra “killer” (though there are phonetic difficulties in such a derivation) and kirm/kerm “worm”, Av. kərəma , Sogd. kyrm- (translating Mid. Pers. azdahāg , Parth. aždahāg , see Henning, Sogdica , pp. 21f.); Shughni has sāɣ , which may be from * sušnā “the hisser;” etc. (see Morgenstierne, “An Ancient Indo-Iranian Word for "Dragon"” on this and other words for “snake” and “dragon” in Iranian; on “snake” in Indo-Aryan, see G. Buddruss, “Zur Benennung der Schlange”).

Fantastic Soul Invention Nice And SlowFantastic Soul Invention Nice And SlowFantastic Soul Invention Nice And SlowFantastic Soul Invention Nice And Slow

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