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Later, Swindle, along with Motormaster and Laserbeak , finally became so dissatisfied with Galvatron leadership that he openly grumbled that the Autobots would be doing the Decepticons a favor by killing Galvatron. Cyclonus interpreted this as treason, but Swindle brushed him off. Both he and Motormaster warned Cyclonus that if Galvatron's madness wasn't cured, the Unicron-forged pair would face rebellion. Webworld

The Gyrorik Criminal Detention Centre is a prison in the city of Gyrorik , located in the The Great Central Valley province of Molvania . It primarily contains Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Estonian and Ukrainian prisoners, making Gyrorik the most ethnically diverse city in Molvania. The prison is opened for tours from monday to friday, although feeding inmates is discouraged

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Gyro Central Detention Centre

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