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During the Cold War , a series of left-leaning governments attained power via electoral polls in Latin America . These governments faced what was described as “ economic warfare ” [15] [16] and coups sponsored [17] [18] by the United States government as part of its geostrategic interest in the region. These included the 1954 Guatemalan coup d'état , 1964 Brazilian coup d'état , 1973 Chilean coup d'état and 1976 Argentine coup d'état , among others. All of these coups [ better source needed ] were followed by US-backed and sponsored right-wing military dictatorships as part of the US government 's Operation Condor . [16] [17] [18]

This was a sudden rush to stardom and complications arose nearly as quickly. Not long after the release of Piper , Barrett began showing clear signs of mental illness, to the point he would often freeze on-stage, not playing a note. At this point, David Gilmour -- a friend and associate of the band -- was brought in as a second guitarist, with the intention that he'd buttress the group's live performances while Barrett continued to write and record new material. This soon proved to be an impossible situation, and Barrett left the group, at which point the band's management also jumped ship, leaving them without any kind of leader.

Alan Pink Three CutsAlan Pink Three CutsAlan Pink Three CutsAlan Pink Three Cuts

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