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On the plus side, this fueled the advent of an active folk song and topical song movement. But on the negative side, the bulletin grew ever more estranged from the labor unions for which People’s Songs originally dedicated its efforts. Redbaiting swept though the labor unions, which sought to distance themselves from folk musicians and the like for fear of appearing “disloyal.”

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    When the first reports came out that the CIA could administer a tasteless substance into the beverage of one of their most responsible co-workers, and drive that man into a mental institution, or cause him to jump out of a window to his death, all existing CIA records were destroyed.
    Hippies and musicians, previously normal and creative, with families and loved ones identical to Dr. Frank Olson, responded in the same manner as Dr. Olson after their introduction to the same drugs.
    Valuable documentation of LSD experiments should not have been in the hands of CIA Director Richard Helms. January 31, 1973, one day before he retired from the CIA, he removed some possible answers as to the fate of persons minds the past ten years.
    Helms had been behind all the types of experimentations since 1947.
    Mind altering projects went under the code names of Operation Chatter, Operation Bluebird/Artichoke, Operation Mknaomi, Mkultra, and Mkdelta.
    By 1963, four years before Monterey Pop, the combined efforts of the CIA's Directorate of Science and Technology, Department of . Army Intelligence, and . Chemical Corps were ready for any covert operations that seemed necessary.
    . agents were able to destroy any persons reputation cause by inducing hysteria or excessive emotional responses, temporary or permanent insanity, suggest or encourage suicide, erase memory, invent double or triple personalities inside one mind, prolong lapses of memory, teach and induce racism and hatred against specific groups, cause subjects to obey instructions on the telephone or in person, hypnotically assure no memory remains of the assignments.
    The CIA has poison dart guns to kill from far away, tranquilizers for pets so the household or neighborhood is not alerted by entry or exit.
    While pure LSD is usually 160 micrograms, the CIA was issuing 1600 micrograms. Some of their LSD was administered to patients at Tulane University who already had wired electrodes in their brain.
    Was being crazy an occupational disease of being a musician? Or does this LSD, tested and described in Army documents, explain how a cultural happening that was taking place in 1967-68 could be halted and altered radically?

Imagine a country continuously at war for nearly two decades. Imagine that the wars were supported by both Democratic and Republican presidents. Continue to imagine that the country fighting these wars relied only on a small group of citizens—a group so small that those who served in theater constituted less than 1 percent of the nation’s population, while those who died or were wounded in battle comprised far less than 1/10th of 1 percent of the nation’s population.

The War Is Over Lyrics: Silent soldiers on a silver screen / Framed in fantasies and dragged in dream / Unpaid actors of the mystery / The mad director knows that ...

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Ochs's parents and brother had moved from Columbus to Cleveland , and Ochs started to spend more time there, performing professionally at a local folk club called Farragher's Back Room. He was the opening act for a number of musicians in the summer of 1961, including the Smothers Brothers . [21] Ochs met folksinger Bob Gibson that summer as well, and according to Dave Van Ronk , Gibson became " the seminal influence" on Ochs's writing. [22] Ochs continued at Ohio State into his senior year, but was bitterly disappointed at not being appointed editor-in-chief of the college newspaper, and dropped out in his last quarter without graduating. He left for New York, as Glover had, to become a folksinger. [23]

Phil Ochs The War Is Over The Harder They FallPhil Ochs The War Is Over The Harder They FallPhil Ochs The War Is Over The Harder They FallPhil Ochs The War Is Over The Harder They Fall

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