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Beyond Brussels , the main cities Thalys trains reach are Antwerp , Rotterdam , Amsterdam , Liège , Aachen and Cologne . Trains to these destinations run partly on dedicated high-speed tracks, and partly on conventional tracks shared with normal-speed trains. The high-speed lines used by Thalys are HSL 1 between Paris and Brussels, HSL 4 / HSL-Zuid between Antwerp and Amsterdam, and the HSL 2 and HSL 3 between Brussels and Aachen. For its seasonal operations within France, other high-speed lines are used.

”Musikaliska muntrationer i kunglig stil” (CD med nothäfte av & med Håkan Andersson & Tommy Nilsson)  

2 Belgen In The Night2 Belgen In The Night2 Belgen In The Night2 Belgen In The Night


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