Sonny rollins jazz classics - Jazz Legend Sonny Rollins Designates Major Gift to Oberlin.

US soul sites are reporting the death of singer GLORIA TAYLOR, best known for her vocal rendition of Al Kent's 'You Gotta Pay The Price'. Few details are being made available save that Ms Taylor died on December 8th at her South Toledo home. She was 73 and, sadly, her daughter, Laretta Martin, had died aged 56 in November.

This lick is over bars 3-7 of the blues form. I like this lick not only because it sounds great, but because it’s nice to see how Sonny connected the I7 to IV7 chord and then back to the I7. He connects them seamlessly and outlines each chord so organically.

Sonny Rollins was asked whether jazz is still relevant.  He replied…
“I think that the relevance of jazz depends on what you think jazz is. For instance, if you think that jazz is a piano trio playing in a small nightclub — they’re good musicians, maybe have a girl singer — and you come in and there are people smoking and sitting at tables … if that is your conception of jazz then of course jazz is not relevant, because that refers to a time and place.
Jazz is something which is much bigger.  Jazz has to do with freedom of expression. So is jazz still relevant?  Of course, because there are always people trying to express themselves in music. I think of jazz as having the big umbrella, so that a lot of styles of music that have merged over the years all fall under the umbrella of jazz.
The act of trying to create something musically and spontaneously is something that is a part of life. It’s like the weather — it’s always there.   Jazz as something that fits into a narrow little remembrance, no, that kind of jazz is not relevant. But jazz is as relevant today as the yearning for people to be free. That’s how relevant jazz is.”

The AllMusic review by Lindsay Planer describes the album as a "fresh and vibrant baker's dozen of selections... a vital component in any jazz enthusiast's collection." [6] Author and musician Peter Niklas Wilson called it "patchwork, but an interesting one." [8]

Sonny Rollins Jazz ClassicsSonny Rollins Jazz ClassicsSonny Rollins Jazz ClassicsSonny Rollins Jazz Classics

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