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ive got this qt book, and it has a page or two about that rikki lake thing. it tells you what both directors and the audience is saying in like script form or something. i havent read it in ages but i remember it makes spike lee seem like a real stuck up prick

Globes for sale: Aro-Speed; Bonded 98; Bonded Ethyl; Cavalier Hi-Test; Sun Glo; White Rose ROC. For photos and prices e-mail [email protected] or call Dick Doumanian at 231/620-5100. (MI) 804

Cool Bike ! I recommend Castrol Syntec Actevo 10-40wt, buy 4 qts....after oil/filter change hold bike level on level ground and pour 1 qt into dipstick/plug hole...if you have a sight glass, check level there....check level every1/4 additional qt until you are properly not overfill...Good Luck to you friend....Tim

Sambucus comes from the Greek word “sambuke”, a musical instrument believed to heal the spirit (In Europe Elderberry wood was used for making musical instruments.)  Canadensis is from Canada, or northern North American.  As for Elderberry recipes, there are hundreds if not thousands of them on the internet — books in fact — and you can look them up as need be but I will give you a hint: Freeze the cluster of berries, they will separate from their branches much easier and cleaner. And to not leave you totally recipeless, here is a concoction from the 1400s:

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“It started as an idea with a few friends who knew Alzheimer sufferers and now it has blown up and is an officially recognised SFA Museum project.”

I substituted the Jamaican rum with regular rum, the bourbon with cinnamon whisky, and the cognac with regular brandy. It has a little less boozy taste but is amazing. The cinnamon really does something with it. I also haven’t been able to let it age because everytime I make a batch it disappears in 2 days. Go figure.

The Qts Savage In The City EPThe Qts Savage In The City EPThe Qts Savage In The City EPThe Qts Savage In The City EP

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