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…her first husband, the composer Kurt Weill , and appeared frequently in the musical dramas of Weill and his longtime collaborator Bertolt Brecht.

Harmony was probably the last aspect of European music to be absorbed by blacks. But once acquired, harmony was applied as an additional musical resource to religious texts; one result was the gradual development of spirituals , borrowing from the white religious revival meetings that African Americans in many parts of the South were urged to attend. One crucial outcome of these musical acculturations was the development by blacks of the so-called blues scale , with its “ blue notes”—the flatted third and seventh degrees. This scale is neither particularly African nor particularly European but acquired its peculiar modality from pitch inflections common to any number of West African languages and musical forms. In effect these highly expressive—and in African terms very meaningful—pitch deviations were superimposed on the diatonic scale common to almost all European classical and vernacular music.

Beginning in 1939, Ellington experienced a new surge in creativity, stimulated by the addition of bassist Jimmie Blanton and saxophonist Ben Webster to the band. These musicians brought a driving, rhythmic virtuosity to the orchestra, while adding greater potential to Duke's palette as a composer. Dr. Taylor explains how Blanton expanded the rhythmic vocabulary of the orchestra, as exemplified in numbers like "Jack the Bear," "Ko-Ko" and "Cottontail." Webster's riffs would inspire numbers such as "In A Mellow Tone." As always, Ellington's arrangements brought out the best in his stellar corps of virtuoso musicians.

In 1996, Gil Rose set out to restore a widening disconnect between contemporary audiences and contemporary music. Today BMOP remains dedicated to its mission and is the leading orchestra for commissioning, performing, and recording modern orchestral music.

Gunther Schuller And George Russell Brandeis Jazz FestivalGunther Schuller And George Russell Brandeis Jazz FestivalGunther Schuller And George Russell Brandeis Jazz FestivalGunther Schuller And George Russell Brandeis Jazz Festival

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