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After selling his concert business in 1990, Starr plunged into food and nightlife full-time, growing steadily into the celebrated multi-city mogul he is today. After decades in hospitality, he still likens dining out to a theater production, where the players, props, backdrops and lighting are integral components of an overall effect. When atmospheric drama is pairing with daring, delicious cuisine, dining out doubles as entertainment for the senses.

Some species commonly escape from the garden. B. davidii in particular is a great coloniser of dry open ground; in urban areas in the United Kingdom, it often self-sows on waste ground or old masonry, where it grows into a dense thicket, and is listed as an invasive species in many areas. It is frequently seen beside railway lines, on derelict factory sites and, in the aftermath of World War II, on urban bomb sites. This earned it the popular nickname of 'the bombsite plant' among the war-time generation. [ citation needed ]

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The Tangerine Zoo PsychedelicThe Tangerine Zoo PsychedelicThe Tangerine Zoo PsychedelicThe Tangerine Zoo Psychedelic

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