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Hungarian rock has been a part of the popular music of Hungary since the early 1960s. The first major bands were Illés, Metró and Omega. At the time, rock was not ...

Rock bands in the late 1970s had to conform to the Record Company's demands and ensure that all songs passed the inspection of the Song Committee , who scoured all songs looking for ideological disobedience. LGT was the most prominent band of a classic rock style that was very popular, along with Illés, Bergendy and Zorán , while there were other bands like The Sweet and Middle of the Road who catered to the desires of the Song Committee, producing rock-based pop music without a hint of subversion. Meanwhile, the disco style of electronic music produced such performers as the officially-sanctioned Neoton Familia , and Beatrice and Szűcs Judit , while the more critically acclaimed progressive rock scene produced bands like East , V73 , Color and Panta Rhei . [1] also born of the Apostol  ( hu ) band.

Locomotiv GT MindenkiLocomotiv GT MindenkiLocomotiv GT MindenkiLocomotiv GT Mindenki


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