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If the album title sounds alien, it should be no surprise then that the theme of this extraordinary work 'orbits' around an alleged pre-Columbian contacts between the civilizations of the Americas and visitors from outer space. Without losing their earlier identity, the music was more symphonic with long progressive instrumental segments and heavier use of keyboards. [1] In 1975 the music from Agitor Lucens V was presented in Paris, London, Rome and Buenos Aires with a ballet directed by renowned Argentine choreographer Oscar Aráiz. [3] The album's reception in music circles previewed Santaolalla's rise as one of the major rock and movie soundtrack producers of the late 20th century (eventually leading to Academy Award in the United States and Premios Gardel in Argentina ).

Arco Iris Inti RaymiArco Iris Inti RaymiArco Iris Inti RaymiArco Iris Inti Raymi

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