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Pure and original Dark Ambient music as played by Brian Lustmord. Dark, menacing soundscapes, very abstract, sometimes mechanical, but with no rhythm per se. Deep murky sounds and rumbles, devoid of any melodic structure, except for some short snatches of melody from time to time.

Whitmire and Jerry Nelson playing music together. Steve Whitmire (b. September 24, 1959) is a puppeteer who started working for The Jim Henson Company on March 24 ...

Whitmire slowly became a major performer. On The Muppet Show , he often performed one-shot characters, right hands, and filled in when two of another performer's characters were in the same scene (for example, if Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy were in a scene together, Whitmire would generally perform Fozzie). He was given his own recurring characters, such as Foo-Foo , Rizzo the Rat , and Lips , all of whom were minor characters on The Muppet Show , with very little dialogue.

Steve Roach Quiet Music 1Steve Roach Quiet Music 1Steve Roach Quiet Music 1Steve Roach Quiet Music 1

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