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Comments:  ive generally worn the nimbus the last few years but this last years gave me trouble. The triumph 2 was nice but a bit stiff in the hell and the 3 iso straps needed to be roped in pretty tight to work.  This version fixes both of those problems and my feet are pretty happy.  i haven't gone further than 10 miles in these yet but so far so good.
From:  Ken, Chicago, IL. October 29th 2016

I love it and now the next step are these both way ones. Can they be retro-fitted to my now ageing bike.? (Yamaha) It really adds something to the experience .
Maybe Healtech or other aftermarket could give us an overview of what is involved

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Overkill Triumph Of The WillOverkill Triumph Of The WillOverkill Triumph Of The WillOverkill Triumph Of The Will


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