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2nd (1970) Apple issue with title embossed on cover. Unnumbered copy, no inserts. Skips briefly on side 1, track 1 (Back In The USSR); audible scratches on side 3.

"I personally love George because he gave us a shot at putting down on a piece of vinyl. No one else would really have wanted to put us on the label. George, George Martin, said yes."

"Her Majesty" is notable for being the first-ever hidden track [ citation needed ] . It became so by accident; it was cut from the rough master tape on the orders of Paul McCartney, but the engineer doing this had been instructed never to throw away any Beatles material, so he spliced it on to the end of the tape, preceded by ~12 seconds of leader tape. Initial pressings of the album did not list this track.

The first issue covers were manufactured in Chicago by the offset printing firm Coburn & Company just after July 23rd 1963. This company printed up the first 6000 front slicks and back liner notes. These 6000 are the only cover slicks that say "Printed in " on the front cover, vertically from the bottom left corner along the spine. Later covers were printed by Ivy Hill Lithograph Co. at their New York and California locations. All original covers have a glossy coated paper stock, both front and back. If either the front or the back cover is flat (lacking gloss) it's a counterfeit.

To circumvent the restraining order, Vee-Jay quickly reconfigured Introducing... The Beatles . It removed "Love Me Do" and ". I Love You" and replaced them with the previously omitted "Ask Me Why" and "Please Please Me", though some pressings of the album did not alter the track list. The new versions were prepared in late January and began appearing in stores around 10 February 1964. [2]

Beatles Introducing The BeatlesBeatles Introducing The BeatlesBeatles Introducing The BeatlesBeatles Introducing The Beatles

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