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In 2000, LaFace was merged into Arista Records with Reid being promoted to president and CEO of Arista Records . In 1997 Reid was accepted to the Harvard Business School [16] Advanced Management Program in preparation to become CEO of Arista Records . In 2000. Reid signed his first unknown artist, pop/rocker Avril Lavigne , to Arista . Her debut album Let Go sold 6 million copies in the United States. As president of Arista Records, Reid signed artists such as P!nk (whose November 2001 album Missundaztood sold 5 million copies in the US) and Ciara (whose September 2004 debut album Goodies sold 3 million copies in the US).

This is a 1989 news story from WLKY-TV about one of the top five Louisville radio stations at that time, rock-formatted 96 WQMF . Bill Francis is the reporter.

WMMS reverted to progressive rock on September 11, 1970. Following a legal dispute with a competing station owner over non-compete clauses in their contracts, former WIXY personalities Dick "the Wilde Childe" Kemp and Lou "King" Kirby were signed by MetroMedia. The station briefly battled with WNCR of Nationwide Communications , itself filling the void created by the brief absence of WMMS on the rock scene. Key WNCR personnel (including former WHK-FM/WMMS personalities Martin Perlich and Billy Bass, and station newcomer David Spero ) were soon hired by WMMS, taking most of their audience with them. [33] [34] During this time, WMMS used slogans derived from its call sign: first as "Music Means Satisfaction", and later as the place "Where Music Means Something". [35]

Various WEBN Album Project 3Various WEBN Album Project 3Various WEBN Album Project 3Various WEBN Album Project 3

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