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The remastered version was released on the 1995 Peel Slowly and See box set, and subsequently released on a standalone 1996 CD.

В 1965 году менеджером группы стал знаменитый художник Энди Уорхол , предложивший группе использовать в качестве вокалистки на некоторых песнях свою протеже, певицу немецкого происхождения Нико . Репутация Уорхола помогла группе достигнуть ещё большей известности; более того, именно он помог группе заключить контракт с лейблом Verve Records , формально значась « продюсером », а фактически даровав The Velvet Underground возможность создать тот звук, который будет устраивать их. Благодаря Уорхолу группа также стала участвовать в мультимедиашоу Exploding Plastic Inevitable , в котором использовалась их музыка; шоу включало видео и иллюстрации, сделанные Уорхолом. Несколько месяцев это шоу устраивало свои представления в Нью-Йорке, а потом совершило тур по США и Канаде . Последний раз его инсталляция произошла в мае 1967 года.

One would be hard-pressed to name a rock album whose influence has been as broad and pervasive as The Velvet Underground & Nico . While it reportedly took over a decade for the album's sales to crack six figures, glam, punk, new wave, goth, noise, and nearly every other left-of-center rock movement owes an audible debt to this set. While The Velvet Underground had as distinctive a sound as any band, what's most surprising about this album is its diversity. Here, the Velvets dipped their toes into dreamy pop ("Sunday Morning"), tough garage rock ("Waiting for the Man"), stripped-down R&B ("There She Goes Again"), and understated love songs ("I'll Be Your Mirror") when they weren't busy creating sounds without pop precedent. Lou Reed 's lyrical exploration of drugs and kinky sex (then risky stuff in film and literature, let alone "teen music") always received the most press attention, but the music Reed , John Cale , Sterling Morrison , and Maureen Tucker played was as radical as the words they accompanied. The bracing discord of "European Son," the troubling beauty of "All Tomorrow's Parties," and the expressive dynamics of "Heroin" all remain as compelling as the day they were recorded. While the significance of Nico 's contributions have been debated over the years, she meshes with the band's outlook in that she hardly sounds like a typical rock vocalist, and if Andy Warhol 's presence as producer was primarily a matter of signing the checks, his notoriety allowed The Velvet Underground to record their material without compromise, which would have been impossible under most other circumstances. Few rock albums are as important as The Velvet Underground & Nico , and fewer still have lost so little of their power to surprise and intrigue more 50 years after first hitting the racks.

In 1978, aficionados Mike "MC" Kostek and Phil Milstein started the Velvet Underground Appreciation Society, which collected, cataloged and made available various rarities. [6] They also published a fanzine titled "What Goes On", and later on a newsletter titled "What Goes On Jr." [7]

“It’s all subliminal”, Cale says, “it’s all implication.” Emotions in The Velvet Undergound & Nico are raw and honest, sometimes scalpel-edged, but in an age of idealism, these songs are as far removed from the “summer of love” as you can get.

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The Velvet Underground Foggy NotionThe Velvet Underground Foggy NotionThe Velvet Underground Foggy NotionThe Velvet Underground Foggy Notion

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